Why I start this new blog

This post outlines the reasons and my passion why I started this new blog, called Jade Cloud Writes, from June 2021.

I had an old blog called Janet’s Notebook, which I really relished – the challenges, the interaction with readers, and the satisfaction that came with making connections. Since then, many things have ‘got in the way’ so I have hibernated for a few years. However the passion and the spark of writing have never left me.

I have decided to return to renew my passion in writing through this blog, and write intentionally.

What are my goals?

I’ll be sharing my self-discovery through the process of decluttering and colour analysis in the past few years.

I have retrained as a children’s social worker. I’ll talk about issues that I care about deeply around children’s welfare.

I’m always curious about current affairs. I’m interested in one particular issue – women’s rights, and I want to inspire others to help protect women’s sex-based rights.

These topics may seem unrelated, but they are. Through constantly challenging myself, I have become more aware of who I am, and what I stand for.

I hope with an honest and open discussion on this blog, I can find like-minded people, and also exchange ideas, all in a respectable manner. This is how we grow.

I’ll first start bringing some recent posts on my LinkedIn page to this blog. These show a clear pattern of my interests.

This is a safe place where you and I have a good conversation through sharing our stories. Honestly.

Isn’t it wonderful? I can imagine having a friendly chat with you, surrounded by the aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

Image via Kaboompics: I love having a good chat over coffee. This image shows coffee being brewed in a Chemex.
Image via Kaboompics: I love having a good chat over coffee. What about you?

Feel free to like, share, and leave a comment.

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